Open Class Action Lawsuits Settlements (2022)

Apply for these open class action lawsuits and claim your settlement money. These are available to you and some require no proof of purchase.

Below is a full list of open-top class action lawsuits in which you may be eligible to submit a claim. Browse through the list and see if you purchased the product or service and if you’re eligible to submit a claim.

If you are eligible, submit your claim (some don’t even require proof of purchase)!

You are eligible for a cash payment (make $100 fastmake $200 fastmake $300 fast, etc) as a compensation whenever a company decided to settle a class action lawsuit.

However, you must file a claim form in order to get your compensation payment. 

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Top Open Class Action Lawsuits 2022

Open class action lawsuits are a great way to make money fast online without even leaving your home since claims can be done online. Check out the list below. Be sure to check back for top class action lawsuits you may be eligible for. We keep this page updated daily.

Company Lawsuit Settlement Money Proof of Purchase Expiration
Acura Infotainment System Varies Yes 02/04/2022
Alabama and Texas NIBCO Defective Products Varies Yes 05/16/2025
Allstate Insurance Telemarketing Calls $450 No 01/14/2022
Allura Fiber Cement Siding Varies Yes 06/23/2023
BECU NSF Fees Varies N/A None
belVita Biscuits, Bites, & Sandwiches Added Sugar Varies Yes 02/09/2022
Benecol Spread False Advertising Varies Yes 02/25/2022
Best Buy Data Breach Up to $2,060 Yes 12/22/2021
Blue Shield of California Mental Health Coverage Reimbursement for treatments No None
Brenntag Profit Sharing Plan Varies No None
Broiler Chicken Price-Fixing Litigation Varies No 12/31/2021
CannTrust Securities Varies Yes 03/16/2022
Caribou Coffee Data Breach Varies Yes 12/22/2022
Coppertone Mineral-Based Sunscreen Varies No 11/17/2022
Corteva 12-Hour Shift Varies No 11/18/2022
Creative Ceilings Settles Wage Statement About $391 N/A N/A
Cryptsy Cryptocurrency TBD Yes 01/12/2022
Deloitte Consulting Data Breach Up To $160 Yes 01/17/2022
Duke University and UNC Faculty Antitrust About $2,341.91 No N/A
Earnin App Overdraft or Insufficient Funds Event Fees Varies N/A N/A
Equifax Public Record $1,500 Yes 12/31/2021
Express Services Inc Unpaid Wages Varies N/A N/A
Facebook Moderators $50,000 Yes 03/14/2022
Farmers Truck Insurance Exchange Varies Yes 02/08/2022
Ferrara Candy Slack Fill $8 No 12/27/2021
Fifth Third Bank ATM Fees TBD N/A N/A
Forever 21 Data Breach Varies Yes 03/21/2022
FPI Management Fees Varies No 12/27/2021
Godiva Chocolates $15M False Advertising Up to $25 Yes 02/23/2022
Greenville Utility Commission Fees Varies No 02/12/2022
Health Insurance Innovations Class Action Lawsuit Varies Yes 02/09/2022
Honda CR-V Vibration Repairs Yes None
Hoosick Falls Water Contamination Varies Yes 01/24/2022
Huda Beauty Eye Shadow Varies No 01/12/2022
Hudson’s Bay Company, Saks Data Breach Varies Varies 01/31/2022
Hyatt BIPA TBD N/A 12/24/2021
IBM 401(k) Plan Varies No None
Indiana Bureau Motor Vehicles Overcharge Up to $50 Yes None
Intelenet America OT Wages Varies No None
Joya Communications Promotional Texts Varies N/A 01/11/2022
Kaiser Healthcare Race Discrimination Varies N/A 01/22/2022
Kemper Corp., Infinity Insurance Data Breaches Varies Yes 02/24/2022
Koch Retirement Plan Recordkeeping Varies N/A 12/27/2021
Kroger Data Breach Up to $5,000 No 03/05/2022
LexisNexis Auto Crash Report Injunctive relief. N/A None
Lincoln Property Co. Application and Lock Fees Varies No 01/04/2022
McCormick All-Natural Products False Ad Varies No TBD
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter BlueTEC Emissions Up to $3,590 Yes Varies
Molekule Air Purifiers False Ad Varies Yes 05/31/2022
My Little Steamer Varies Yes None
Neurobrands DL-Malic Acid Injunctive relief only No None
Nissan Altima Headlights Defect Varies Yes 04/25/2022
Non-Featured Performers Royalties Varies Yes 03/01/2022
Octapharma Fingerprint Scan $400-$800 No 02/03/2022
Old Navy Misleading Sale Prices Varies Yes 05/22/2022
Oregon CARES Funds Discrimination Varies No None
Petersburgh Contaminated Water Varies Yes 04/04/2022
Raydon ERISA Varies No None
Robert Heath Trucking Wages Varies No None
Seterus Alleged Unlawful Debt Collection Varies N/A None
Shelby County Jail Improper Detention Varies Yes 12/30/2021
ShopKeep, Lightspeed Commerce USA OT Varies No 01/10/2021
Smitty’s/CAM2 303 Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Retailers Varies Yes 12/29/2021
Terminix Alabama Price Increase Up to $650 No 12/01/2022
Teva Pharmaceuticals Retirement Savings Plan $10 or more N/A N/A
Texas Roadhouse Age Discrimination Varies Yes None
TikTok Data Privacy TBD No 03/01/2022
Tinder Subscription Age Discrimination $50, 70 Super Likes, One boost Yes 02/09/2022
Trojan Horse Retirement Varies Yes None
Tyco Fire Protection Water Contamination Varies N/A Varies
USAA Cost of Insurance At least $50 No N/A
Verde Energy Variable-Rate Plan Varies Yes 03/31/2022
Valero Gas Stations Injunctive relief N/A None
Viking Fire Sprinkler Varies Yes 01/18/2022
Volkswagen and Audi Takata Airbags Defect Up to $500 Yes 03/07/2023
Wells Fargo Buydown Agreement at least $50 No None
Zoom-Bombing Class Action Lawsuit Up to $25 Yes 03/05/2022

How to File Claim for Open Top Class Action Lawsuits 2022

answer questions for money app

Step One: Find Products You Purchased

Take a look at our list to find open settlements for products you may have purchased. Find out what the estimated payout will be and if proof of purchase is needed. Figure out if it’s worth your time to follow through. Most no receipts needed can be a few minutes of your time.

Step Two: Fill Out the Claim Form

Click through to the settlement claim form and fill out online. Simply provide the necessary info such as your name and address, products information you purchased, and then submit your claim.

Step Three: Get your Check in the Mail

They will mail your check once to the address you’re provided once your claim has been approved.  Most claims checks are mailed 1-2 months after the claims period closes. 

For You: What are some open class action lawsuits that you’ve claimed in the past? Ever made over $100?

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Below is a full list of open-top class action lawsuits in which you may be eligible to submit a claim. Browse through the list and see if you purchased the product or service and if you’re eligible to submit a claim. If you are eligible,...Open Class Action Lawsuits Settlements (2022)